Our Team

We have two artists who work from the studio. Find out a little bit about them below:

John S MacMillan

John S MacMillan

Artist in residence



Hi. My name is John.

I have always had a creative nature. In recent years I owned a successful music school. Now I have returned to art after an extended absence.

I have always loved to draw and paint, and have spent a considerable time honing my craft.

I love my studio and the opportunity it has given me to expand on my art.

I work with various mediums and in a variety of styles. I would love the opportunity to create something special for you.

Callum MacMillan

Callum MacMillan

Artist in Residence



Hi. I’m Callum and I am one of the artists in residence with SempleMac Imagery.

I studied Graphic Design and Animation at college, and have taken part in several exhibitions. I was also involved briefly with the provision of workshops in one of the local primary schools.

My work is chiefly in the style of graphic novels, although I have produced some more traditional works too. Graphic art is definitely my first love.

As well as artworks, I have been commissioned to produce logos and advertising posters and was shortlisted in a competition to design an album cover.

I am very flexible in my outlook and would love the chance to see if I could create a special piece for you.

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